Seema Haider Biography, Age, Husband Name, Latest News

There’s a woman named Seema Haider, aka Seema Gulam Haider, who has become quite famous recently. She is from Pakistan and was born in a village named Kot Diji. 

She is in the news because she entered India without a visa. Seema claims that she married a man named Sachin in March 2023 at Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal. They spent a week together in a hotel there. After the wedding, Seema returned to Pakistan, but Sachin asked her to bring her kids before returning to India.

seema haider biography age

Seema Haider Age

As per information Seema Haider aged 30 and a Pakistani citizen, is deeply in love with 22-year-old Sachin Meena, who resides in Greater Noida, India.

As per the sources, Seema’s real name is Seema Ghulam Haider, and she was born in Sindh, Pakistan, in 1995, per other sources, she was born in 2002. She follows Islam and is married with four children – one daughter and three sons. There isn’t much information about her educational or family background, considering she entered India illegally to be with her love from Pakistan.

Seema Haider Biography

Her father’s name is Ghulam Raza Rind. She has a brother and two sisters. Her brother is in the Pakistan army. 

She married Ghulam Haider in Pakistan in 2016 through a court marriage, a love marriage. Despite opposition from her family, Seema chose to marry him. Her husband works in Saudi Arabia, and she also has four kids from her first marriage. Ghulam Haider moved to Saudi in 2019, where he worked as a laborer, whereas in Pakistan, he worked as a rickshaw driver.

Seema Haider Wikipedia

Seema Haider’s journey took an unexpected turn when she started playing the popular PUBG game. During her gaming sessions, she crossed paths with Sachin Meena, a resident of Rabupura town in Greater Noida, India. Their bond grew stronger over time, and Seema eventually left her husband and entered India with her children illegally to be with Sachin.

They got married in March 2023 in Nepal with all Hindu traditions and customs after Seema willingly converted to Hinduism. She also claimed that her husband, Ghulam Haider, divorced her many times on the phone, after which she decided to take this step. She also renamed all her children’s names from Muslim names to Indian. 

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Seema Haider Husband

Seema was living in Pakistan with her kids before she decided to come to India to be with her love. She sold her house and got a visa for Nepal, where she then traveled to Nepal. Sachin was waiting for her there, and together, they illegally crossed the border and came to Noida, India.

Seema says she loves Sachin’s way of playing, which attracted her most. After that, they exchanged their number and started talking on WhatsApp. Finally, in 2021, they decided to meet each other. 

When Sachin and Seema visited Bulandshaar for court marriage, the advocate was shocked after seeing a Pakistani passport. Then he immediately informs the officials about that.

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Their love story caused tension with officials, and Sachin was questioned when he was stopped while traveling on a bus. He revealed that Seema is from Khairpur in the Sindh province of Pakistan. The fir was filed against the sea for entering illegally in India. 

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