Sachin Sawant IRS Officer Biography 2023, Net Worth, Family, Car Collection

Sachin Sawant joined Indian Revenue Services (IRS) in 2008 and took the role of additional commissioner of customs and GST. He also served as joint commissioner of customs in Mumbai. Sachin Sawant is in the news headlines in 2023 when enforcement directorate (ED) officials arrested him over allegations of corruption and projection of assets disproportionate to his income.

Sachin Sawant IRS Officer Biography

Sachin Sawant IRS Officer Biography

NameSachin Sawant
education qualification 43 years (in 2023)
Age Indian
Marital Status Married
Birth date 19th July 1980
Zodiac sign Cancer
Nationality indian
Family details Unknown

After coming into news headlines, there are many who continuously search for Sachin Sawant’s officer biography. Sachin Balasaheb Sawant was born on 19th July 1980. Sachin Sawant has completed his bachelor of engineering in instrumentation.

Sachin Sawant IRS Officer

Sachin Sawant is a member of the 2008 batch of IRS officers and has had a career with the government. He served as Deputy Director of Ed in the Mumbai zone between 2017 to 2019. During his time over saying financial investigations and enforcing the law wasted money laundering and economic offenses.

In 2020, Sachin Sawant on the role of officer on special duty to a senior government. Further solidifying his position within the government. His career took a turn when he joined the goods and service tax department in Lucknow. The recent developments surrounding Sawant have a cost shadow on his professional reputation. The central bureau’s investigation initiated a disproportionate assets case against him based on the corruption complaint.

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Sachin Sawant IRS Officer Controversy

In 2023 the enforcement directorate (ED) held Sachin Sawant with a corruption complaint against him. Investigation revealed a significant increase in the Assets of the 7th family from 1.4 lakh in 2011 to 2.1 crore in 2022.

The ED search operation at Sawant residence in Mumbai and Lucknow as well as the home’s office resulted in his arrest. There is an uncovered questionable transaction involving the purchase of a flat in Navi Mumbai.

The flat was registered in the name of the company called Seven Hill Constrowell India. In this company, Sawant’s Father held or position of director. It was discovered that funds for the purchase a rooted through multiple loans personal accounts and current accounts belonging to the Sawant family.

Additionally, an amount of cash of around 1 crore was allegedly involved in the acquisition. The investigation revealed that seven hills constructed in India had suggested an office in a modest chawl in Dadar East. The company had filed only one income tax return in 2018-19, indicating negligible income with a loss of 6800. And the mobile number provided in the income tax return was linked to Sawant himself.

Sachin Sawant IRS Officer Net Worth

There are many who are interested in getting information about Sachin Sawant’s officer net worth in rupees. Sachin Sawant came into the headlines after the enforcement directorate arrested him on charges of corruption and an increase in assets. In 2023 and forcement directorate got a complaint on corruption against Sachin Sawant. An investigation revealed a significant increase in Assets of Sachin Sawant’s family from 1.4 lakh to 2.1 crore. If we talk about Sachin Sawant the officer’s net worth in rupees around 20 to 50 crore (Estimated).

Sachin Sawant irs officer Net Worth 20 to 50 Crore

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Sachin Sawant IRS Officer Family Details

As we mentioned above, Sachin Sawant is an Indian revenue officer. He came to the headlines in 2023 when he was arrested by the enforcement directorate on charges of corruption. As per information he is living in a compact 200 square feet house in police quarters with his parents for 30 years before becoming an Indian Revenue Service officer.

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