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Ryuko Hira Net Worth in rupees, wiki, biography, family, early life, business investments, sri sathya sai Ryuko hira sathya sai.

Ryuko Hira, whose real name is Kamlesh Punjabi, is one of the richest Indians in Japan. Worldwide, Indians are getting richer day by day. Ryuko Hira was born in Jaipur. He is the chairman of the Ora Group of companies in Japan; he owns many other companies as well. Only in Japan, it owns around 50 owners and hotels. Apart from these, he has lots of different businesses as well.

He is a Sri Sathya Sai Baba follower and a trustee in Sri Sathya sai central trust. The value of this group is over $10 billion. He graduated in Gemology from the Gemological Institute of America. He also completed a Japanese Language Certificate course from Sophia University, Tokyo, as to live in Japan, it is necessary to learn Japanese.

ryuko hira net worth

Ryuko Hira Net Worth

Net worth $10 billion
Investment $2.5 billion
Ryuko Hira net worth in rupees 1000 Crore

In Japan, he is one of the top ten richest Nonresident Indians. He joined his family business in Japan in 1966. After that, in 1970, he invested in a joint venture to establish the Sun Route Hotel System Chain. In 1985, he started investing in real estate projects in Japan, such as townships, commercial projects, etc. The top 7 brands owned by Hira’s Hotel Management International Co. Ltd are Hotel Crown Palais, Pearl City, Creston Hotels, Ryokans, Resort Hotels, Hotel Wellness, and Top Wellness).

Ryuko Hira Business in Japan and India

The Hira group of companies specializes in many businesses, such as hotel management, hotel management services, hotel planning, hotel development, consulting business, etc.

He is the chairman of the Indian Commerce and Industry Association Japan (ICIJ). He also serves in Japan’s national tourism organization. He also served as a senior advisor to the Japanese Prime Minister’s working group, which includes transport and tourism, the Ministry of Land, etc.

The Government of India honored Ryuko Hira with the padma shri award in 2022 for his services in the trade and industry. He got lots of awards from Japanese tourism as well.

Ryuko Hira biography

The Contribution of Ryuko Hira to social services is known to everyone in Japan. The local and central governments appreciate yuko hira a lot because of Japan’s vast knowledge of the real estate market. He has done a lot of things to promote Indian culture in Japan. He builds many prayer halls in Japan where men and women chant their prayers daily. Not only this, but around 20,000 peoples eat their daily meals in those prayer halls.

Ryuko Hira indo-japanese relations

Ryuko Hira plays a very important role in indo-japanese relations. Some memoranda in which Ryuko hira play as a co-ordinator are:

Ministry of Ayush Kanagawa Prefecture MOU
State of Karnataka Mie Prefecture MOU
Establishment of Toyama India Association
Rajasthan Aichi Economic Delegation
OkinawaIndia Friendship Association

Hira is one of the influential writers as well. He has written 61 articles in Japanese newspapers to raise awareness among Japanese readers. He also sponsored Hindi language commentary for the Indian visitors at the Hiroshima peace memorial in 1981.

There are lots of other amazing things which you will learn about Ryuko Hira, but above are some which are highly appreciated.

Ryuko Hira Net worth

There are many questions related to Ryuko Hira net worth. Ryuko Hira is a famous investor and philanthropist, President of HMI Hotel Group and Ora Group of companies in Japan. Ryuko Hira is it in the investment, ownership and development of real state Hospitability, and tourism project in railway, airport, seaport, and public transportation.

Ryuko Hira played a important role in directing Japanese investment towards India. Ryuko Hira Net worth around $10 billion and investment $2.5 billion.

Ryuko Hira Wiki

Name Ryuko Hira
Born Date 30th May 1948
Birth Place jaipur Rajasthan
Occupation Investor, Philanthropist
Organization HMI hotel group
Also known for trade and tourism, india Japan relations, shri Satya sign Baba
Spouse Kayoko Hira
Children 2
AwardsPadma Shri Award 2022, Pravasia Bharatiya Samman Award 2010

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Ryuko Hira Family

Great Grandfather Seth Jagatrai
Ryuko Hira Father’s Name Seth Khemnchand Kundamal Panjabi
Grandfather Seth Kundamal Chandumal Panjabi
Uncle Name Seth Parsram Viroomal Panjabi
Ryuko Hira BorthersRajesh, Chandiram, Hiro, Kamlesh (Ryuko), and Premji

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Ryuko Hira career

Hira was engaged in investment and Real State Power 55 years in Japan. And he started his career in Japan by investing in sunroof water system in 1970 and as ever seen particular reactive and tourism in first structure including development of railway transportation support airport and airline business. Hotel Management International (HMI hotel group) is flexipotal management company and its group of companies are engaged in onship and management of hotel and resorts.

Ryuko Hira age

Ryuko Hira was born on 30thg may 1948, age 75 years in 2023.


Who is Ryuko Hira sathya sai?

Ryuko Hira is a renowned investor, and philanthropist, President of HMI Hotel Group and Ora Group of companies in Japan.

Why Ryuko Hira sathya sai is trending?

Ryuko Hira sathya sai is trending because of Ryuko Hira launched sai hira global convention centre in puttaparthi andhra pradesh.

What is Ryuko Hira Net worth?

Ryuko Hira Net worth around $10 billion.

Can I get Ryuko Hira sathya sai convention centre contact number?

sai hira global convention centre in puttaparthi andhra pradesh might be available at special website.

Which award given to Ryuko Hira?

Padma Shri Award 2022, Pravasia Bharatiya Samman Award 2010.

What is Ryuko Hira wife name?

Kayoko Hira

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