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RK Padmanabha Rudrapatna Net Worth: Rudrapatna Krishnadikshita Padmanabha commonly known by his initials RKP is an Indian Carnatic music vocalist performer, music teacher, and author. RK Padmanabha belongs to Karnataka state and Rudrapatna village in Hassan district. RK Padmanabhan Rudrapatna is a very famous personality and the best Kinetic music singer.

He was also awarded with Kempegowda Award & Sangeet Natak Akademi Award. If you want to know more about RK Padmanabha Rudrapatna’s Net Worth in rupees then read of whole article to get more information.

We all know that in Rudrapatna Veena Temple you can visit and explore many things. There are 12 stone pillars that produce 12 love notes of the music at Sapta Swara Devatha Mandira or “Veena temple”. Rudra Patna is a small village on the bank of river Cauvery in Arkalgud taluk of Hassan district. It is about 70 km from Mysore, the Mysore Maharaja had given the title Sangeetha Grama to this village.

RK Padmanabha Rudrapatna Net Worth In Rupees

Rudrapatna is a very famous village for temples and music festivals organized annually. The RK Padmanabha also belongs to this village. There are many who want to get details about RK Padmanabha’s net worth, but unfortunately, not enough details are available.

Rudrapatna village had a unique record of producing the most number of Carnatic musicians in the country. There are around 167 famous Carnatic musicians have come from this village. If you visit this village then you will come to know that all the famous Kinetic musician’s photos can be seen on the wall of the temple.

Rudrapatna village History

Around 600 years ago Sanketi Iyers from Shenkottai in Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu migrated to settle down on the banks of river Cauvery at Hyagreevapura (Now Rudrapatna). And continue their tryst with music. Rudrapatna music festival is organised in the village as or annual Music Festival which lasts for 2 days and many musicians take part in this festival.

Major Highlights:

Topic name RK Padmanabha rudrapatna biography
Full Name Rudrapatna Krishnadikshita Padmanabha
Also Known as RKP
Profession Indian Carnatic music vocalist, performer, music teacher and author
Active from 1975
Award receivedreceived the Kempegowda Award and Sangeet Natak Akademi Award
Born in Rudrapatna Village
State Karnataka

RK Padmanabha’s Early Life

As we mentioned above, Rudrapatna Krishnadikshita Padmanabha is a famous Carnatic music vocalist and music teacher. RKP was born in Rudrapatna village Hassan district Mysore state (Now in Karnataka). He received his secondary education in his village. Padmanabha moved to Bangalore and started working at the State Bank of India in 1970. In 1974 he joined Vijay College of Music in Bangalore to learn music. He debuted on the stage in 1975 and trended from his guru HV Krishnamurthy.

RK Padmanabha conducted 500 concerts, (in these concerts group learning and singing is performed). He also teaches music 99% of his music who learn goshti gayanam are women. He is also known for teaching music to financially underprivileged students free of cost. He also organized free teaching classes at some of his gatherings in Bangalore and held free music concerts in several terms across Karnataka.

The RK Padmanabha established a Cultural Centre where he organized an event of goshti gayanam with his students. In 2013 he organized a 6-hour walking tour singing all the way from Bannerghatta Road to Nisarga Extension near Bannerghatta National Park in Bangalore distance of 16 km. She is also a part of an expert committee formed by Kannada University to investigate the birthplace of Purandara Dasa one of the chief founding performances of Carnatic music.

Sapta Swara Devatha Dhyana Mandira

RKP established of memorial Sapta Swara Devatha Dhyana Mandira at Rudrapatna, where several musicians, scholars, and artists originated. In the shape of tanpura dedicated to the 6th classical musician Kanaka Dasa, Muthuswami Dikshitar, Purandara Dasa, Shyama Shastri, Tyagaraja, and Vadiraja Tirtha. Their statue lies in the memorial with the statue of Saraswati Hindu goddess of knowledge at the centre. Each of the seven statues represents aswara musical notes and collectively seven Swaraj of Indian classical music.

Rudrapatna Music Festival

Rudrapatna music festival is organized as the annual Music Festival in the month of May Sangeetha Sammelanam” and “Gana Sharardham”. This festival was organized in memory of Tyagaraja, a composer and vocalist of Carnatic music. He founded Rudrapatna Sangeetotsava Samiti Trust. This trust has been organizing a music festival in the village since 2000.

RK Padmanabha Rudrapatna Books

  • Anantha Naada (Geya Kadambari) in Kannada
  • Mela Maala in Kannada
  • Naadabindu in Kannada
  • Nenapinangaladalli in Kannada
  • Purnadara Dasaru -Karnataka Sangeeta Pitamahare in Kannada
  • Samarpana in Kannada
  • Vipra Vikrama

RK Padmanabha Awards

As we mentioned above RK Padmanabha also saved awards:

  • Kempegowda Award
  • Sangeet Natak Akademi Award

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